As I type the day is starting to brighten into a beautiful autumn day. The sky has gone from overcast to clear blue. Which is really just typical as I try to capture what’s in flower this week for all of you. Yes, I seem to have offended the weather gods as they are most definitely not on my side this week. 

Most of what is in flower in the garden this week is white and looks spectacular at dusk. I’m so glad I planted a white autumn garden which is in such contrast to the warm orange tones of the trees. I hope you enjoy the garden this week and I’ll leave you with this week’s six:


My dahlias have seen a second wind and are prolifically producing buds all over the place. The dinner plate dahlia on the right has 3 of these enormous flower heads which will soon grace my hallway as I allow the other buds to develop.  I’m so glad that I took Peter, Hugh and Karen’s advice in Spring because I now can’t imagine a garden without these beauties. 


I love the colour of the marigolds here. They continue to look fantastic as the season moves on. From the dark tips of their petals to the yellow tip a joining those dark centres I don’t know why I ever disliked these. I blame my dad because he only ever planted the pom variety and I never knew the wonders of perennial marigolds. I’m forever swayed now. 


I added a whole heap of garden mums to the garden last weekend. I visited the gorgeous Ratoath Garden Center and came home with quite a lot of new purchases along with a selection of garden bulbs for the spring. If you can at all do visited here, the little cafe is a treat too. 


When we moved to the cottage the heather was something that added colour at a time when everything else was stark. It provides colour in spring before the bulbs awaken and again in late autumn so I added a few new specimens to the garden last week and I love watching them light up as the sun moves. The bees quite enjoy them too. 


Deep breath, this is my plant of shame this week. These asters have never really established in my garden. Now in their 3rd season, the flowers are still tiny and the plant is barely growing. I lifted as much as I could and have placed them in pots to see if I can grow them on, control their food and see if I can find them a new, happier spot. I’m taking any advice here folks because I’m tapped out. 

Peace Lily

I am the death to all houseplants. I should just walk around my house once a month with my dressing gown over my head, knocking each plant to the floor. I have killed aloe, Ivy (I know!) and succulents. My power of death seems to know no bounds except for this beautiful  Spathiphyllum. It has come on leaps and bounds since we bought it. It is in it’s third pot and is still flowering away happily and doesn’t appear to be stressed. It seems to love the dapple shade in my hallway and I’m so glad that it survived. It means to much to me to have a plant indoors (that is immune to my powers of death) that is also great at purifying the air. This brings me such joy each week that it deserved a place in my six. 

There you have it folks, another week in the cottage garden and another 6 plants that deserve a highlight good or bad. Looking forward to your posts and seeing what’s happening in your gardens around the world. 

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