It’s Saturday so it’s time to take a look at this week’s six and surprisingly I’m typing to you from my cottage garden this morning under a blanket. I have also fed the birds so I’m likely to get pooped on as I type! That chill has begun to set in and I’m chiding myself for not closing up the greenhouse last night. The greenhouse is full to the brim with tomatoes, a forest of tomatoes is more accurate because we have been on holiday and they are somewhat neglected. This week my six focuses on what is in bloom in my garden as it comes to the end of its cycle. I have little planted for late summer so this year I’ll be making lists for next year.

This week all my photos come from my Samsung S6 & S8 as that what I have in the garden and my DSLR is full with holiday images and honestly, I had a choice in carrying outside my coffee or my camera so … These images are also unedited so that I can refer back to this post a little later when I’m chatting about phone/camera garden photos in the tutorials.



Behold the colour of marigolds!


I love marigolds and these come back year after year except for this year when I found weevil in the square foot bed they were in. I now have just 4 plants left but I will save the seed from these and resow. There really is nothing like these flowers especially during sunrise and sunset, they are like mini fireballs in the sun. Next year I have to interplant these with some Zinnia!



Dwarf Sunflowers


These little gems were sown late in the season for Mr. Notebook who has a love of sunflowers. After much debating about where to plant them, we opted for a dwarf variety in terracotta pots on the old patio. They aren’t lasting as long as those in the ground so Next year I’m going to have to interplant some in the back bed too so I don’t have to listen to “but I thought they would get bigger!” cough…the hint might have been in the name of these…





Yes, yes it is a little late for snapdragons to bloom here. Yes, these are the first blooms of my late march sowing. The weather really affected their growth here, that and the fact that I left them too long in their modules it st them back about a month. Now in August, we are enjoying the subtle pink blooms and I even replanted my mother’s day basket with them so that I can move them around. I’m starting to think of bedding plants as growing paints. Using them to paint old things new again, a living canvas on old trinkets lying about the cottage.





Yes, this is a dahlia, again but oh it is beautiful and this flower is the size of my head! Quite a few of my dahlias have been eaten but as the birds haven’t been here because I haven’t fed them, I can say that the pigeons have a lot to answer for! My dahlias have rejoiced in the bird break and I was tired of seeing bird poop on the leaves so I moved the feeders again into a slightly wooded area. Fingers crossed this helps.



St. Helena


I know this has another name but I can’t think of it as I type but I just love the orange bells and leaves in the morning dew. This plant is inherited and it really is almost invasive as it spreads easily and is virtually indestructible. It withstands the coastal conditions at the front of our cottage and it underplants well in shady conditions leaving less wedding all round for me.  I divided it this spring and have grown some on in pots to fill in some areas that I disturbed. I also want to interplant this with some columbine so that those delicate bells would fall a little higher adding height to the beds. I’m just wondering about colour clashes :/



Calla Lily


My final choice for my six this week is my calla. I love these so much and they are lasting so much longer in the ground than in pots. I’m just wondering if I need to lift these or if they will survive the winter in the back bed if it’s mulched? These beauies are our wedding flowers so they mean a lot to us and I love seeing their blooms for our anniversary too.


That’s it from me this week, my coffee is cold and the toddlers are calling. Do make sure that you pop over to The Propagator ‘s page to check out more wonderful gardening posts and why not search the #sixonsaturday tag on twitter too to fill your feed with beautiful blooms. There is also a participant guide here if you would like to join in too. Looking forward to catching up with all f your garden posts this week too!

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