Put down that cuppa and try not to gasp too loudly but this week I have tackled the land that time forgot i.e. our front garden. This Saturday’s post is all about preparing for Spring with bulb planting, weeding mulching and dealing with a few, er…let’s call them surprises along the way. 

Warning; a few of you might find one or two of these images distressing. If you feel the urge to come over here to help, rest assured there will be copious tea and cake.  I promise more pretty images of what’s in flower next week but this week is all about rolling your sleeves up and getting mucky.

Yew Hedge

I thought it was time for a little update on our establishing Yew hedge. Firstly it smells divine and I am so glad that we bought it. I will be thanking Karen every time I enter the cottage now. I weeded and mulched the area, added some ground protection and hoped that this will be the end of overgrown weeds in the area. I went for a natural mulch around the hedge to avoid nitrogen loss due to the uptake of nitrogen in bark mulches but used a bark mulch around other plants in this bed. 


Yip, it is time for planting daffodils and we have a few 3 KG sacks that need to be in the ground so while I weeded and before I mulched I spread out a sack or two in the front bed. I scattered these and planted as they fell to get a natural drift in Spring. I just hope I planted them deep enough.

Bye Bye Courgettes

Deep breath but I had to remove the courgettes in the greenhouse as grey mould was becoming such an issue. I took off the last of the fruit and turned over the bed for winter lettuce by forking in some fresh compost and feeding the soil. 


As we are talking about mould, one of the surprises in the front garden was the extent at which the Phormium needed care.  I removed as much of the brown dead leaves as I could along with any spent flower stalks that had been sent up. You can see there is quite an issue there and I’m guessing it’s due to wet soil as it’s only on the side facing the sea. We didn’t clean this in Spring as a robin had nested here but now that I managed to have a good look I’m wondering if I’m dealing with crown rot or wet rot. I need further inspection I think. Any help is appreciated here guys I am out of my depth with these plants.

Marconi Pepper

A few weeks ago I mentioned that I thought I wouldn’t see any Marconi Peppers this year as mine set flower too late in the season. Well, this is how we are doing. The plant is struggling on and I doubt the pepper will ripen. A lesson learned, plant much earlier and in February if possible so the fruits can ripen in Aug/ September.  Planting dates are important!

Russian Olive

Every year I almost overlook these beautiful flowers that come out in autumn. It’s only as the evening light hits them and they dance, lit up by the sun that I remember these shrubs have an autumnal display too. These shrubs are old and need so much attention but every time we cut one back at the approprioate time the who shrub above ground seems to wither and die so we have left a few but these really need to be pruned this year.

There you have it folks a week in the cottage garden. How are your garden/plots shaping up this October? I hope you all get out to enjoy this unseasonably warm weekend and get those bulbs planted and any other gardening jobs done. Our greenhouse is looking great after it’s bath and I hope to finish our front garden but who knows what the toddlers will allow. 

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