I’m a little late to the Six on Saturday party which is hosted by the one and only, The Propagator. As the blossoms are beginning to fade around here and well, life in the cottage is pretty bleak I thought I could share what blooms are looking good and making me smile. I wanted to include bluebells but I somehow deleted their image from my phone before upload so take it from me, Bluebells are looking mighty fine in my garden at the moment.



I have been doing a lot of clearing in my garden this spring and low and behold I found this beautiful wild garlic growing in the back bed. I love uncovering little gems, especially in this tangled, mature garden. In fact, I didn’t know this was wild garlic you wonderful people on Instagram helped me figure it out. I love these little bells and I’m told these plants make a pretty yummy pesto too!




Next up is this beautiful English thyme. Thyme is like a weed in my garden, it takes over and no matter how small the cutting is, it just survives. I love the flowers and the scent and I have these in window boxes from winter/spring. I usually like to use herbs in my winter displays as they provide such beautiful green foliage when there is little else around. I also love the scent as I walk by.

Lately, I have been more tactile in my garden and rubbing the leaves of all my herbs and moving them to places that are more convenient for use. Previously this cottage garden was interplanted and the herbs were dotted through the beds and although they are pretty, I find I don’t use them unless they are convenient to the cottage door.



I will hold my hand up and admit that when I first encountered these potentillas in my garden I wasn’t over the moon. Since I have gotten to know my garden’s climate through the seasons and just how strong that sea breeze in my front garden I marvel at these strong plants. They are pretty much neglected with the odd careful pruning once a year and the reward us with these beautiful flowers. They make great backing foliage in vases indoors too.  This was captured after a light shower and I think the raindrops on the petals are so sweet. If anything it makes them look more luscious.



I couldn’t have a Six on Saturday post without mentioning aquilegia because these babies seed themselves everywhere. I have many different types through both my front and back gardens. I love watching their little bells dance in a light May breeze. They never fail to disappoint and they are easy to grow but not so easy to dig out of your beds so make sure you like them before planting!



Another firm favourite in my garden is dianthus. I have many different types from small edging plants to large carnations. At the moment these pom pom flowers are greeting every visitor to the cottage. I only wish they repeat flowered because they bloom and fade so quickly. They take little maintenance and always look fabulous. They are evergreen and their foliage is perfect as a backdrop for later blooming flowers.



Finally are these wallflowers which readily self-seed throughout my borders. I’m using them here to hide a stump of a tree and they are happily filling in that space before the bed turns into a rockery. There will always be a place in my cottage garden for these beauties but in future, I will separate out my different colours because the yellow flowers seem to happily join with every other colour and then take over.


So there you have it, a garden update using the Six on Saturday layout. Do make sure that you pop over to the main man‘s page to check out more wonderful gardening posts. Why not search the #sixonsaturday tag on twitter too to fill your feed with beautiful blooms.


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