Love | Happy New Year

The above image represents me perfectly right now. I’m huddled up on the couch with a coffee and my laptop while wrapped in knitwear. January 1st has always been a strange day for me. On the 31st of December I’m always motivated and excited about a fresh start and new beginnings but today all I want to do is to sit on the couch and knit all the things I couldn’t over Christmas. I’m refusing to give in for now and I thought a Thank You post was in order with a little view into what’s happening in 2017.


There are some changes happening on the blog and podcast. They have gone from strength to strength and I want to thank you for all your love and support in 2016. The feedback from the podcast has been amazing, so much so that we will be extending the season right through to the summer. There will be a mix of guests and solo casts with more GIY toddler friendly episodes as the growing season kicks in and we are really excited to share our success and failures in the garden with all of you. There will of course be more conversations with the craft community and woolly related segments and of course some more giveaways.


I’ll be honest when I got sick and the busy Christmas season was in full swing, blogging was really hard to keep up with. The question I got asked most often between September to December was where do I get the time? I won’t lie, there was very little sleep at the Cottage but I loved every minute of guest blogging, freelance writing, podcasting and working with all the wonderful people from the craft community. I have met people I have admired for years and talking to you and working with some of you has been a dream come true, so thank you again.

The blog will be growing and changing as the year goes on so do keep an eye out. This is our notebook and it will always be a mix of personal posts intertwined with guides, interviews and reviews. The learning curve has been pretty steep and you all keep me on my toes but you are supportive and fantastic and I’m really excited about what is to come. I will be posting more personal writing pieces like The Quiet Flaneurย as I miss this style of creative writing.

If you missed any of the podcasts from 2016 you can catch them all here and you can see my favourite guest posts on the sidebar menu. ย  If there is something that you would like to see more of on the blog than please let me know and if you would like to just get in contact with me you can use the contact from here.ย From all of us here at the Cottage, we wish you a very Happy New Year and I hope it brings you all your heart desires. Looking forward to sharing a woolly, fun filled 2017 with all of you.




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