Hello: There and Back Again

Dusts off blog. Wipes away virtual cobwebs. There, that’s better. This blog hasn’t seen any new posts in a long time. Why? Because I wasn’t quite sure what to do with it all. You all know that I never wanted to grow a knitting pattern or yarn business. I love craft in all it’s forms but to anyone running a blog you know deep down in its soul, it needs a purpose. That the weblogs of yesteryear are long gone and very few still exist today. Which is a shame and a topic of a post for another day.

But wait, there’s life in this old girl yet.

This blog has been around for a long time and I’ve never added a shop. Well, until now that is. Now you can find the Cottage Notebook Shop here. It’s full of all my photography and art prints/patterns on a range of items so that you can support the blog/ the independent artist (me!) in whatever way you’d like from buttons and pins to art prints or clothes it’s a whimsical sort of place that I’ve grown to like.

Zipper Pouches by the Cottage Notebook.


Am I going to just post shop updates on the blog from now on? 

No, but I don’t see a lot of lifestyle posts in 2021, do you? I would like to resurrect my old writing posts and blog a bit more about craft and prints. I’ll stick to shop updates once a month and feature some new uploads that you might like. Like these notebooks:

Spiral Notebook by the Cottage Notebook

Hardback Notebook by the Cottage Notebook








The blog does need some new features and cornerstone posts that connect on a wider basis but I would like to keep the notebook my happy place. It’s a place of fun and joy and I don’t have any heavy content plans for it. One of the reasons I stepped away was because the Notebook was almost another full-time job and that was never its intended purpose.

For now, I’d just like to reconnect and say hello and hope you wave back and tell me a story since we last met.


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