Love | Indulgence

I guess with a title like that, this post could take you anywhere, a series of images of hand dyed yarns, a look at my wheels and looms or simply lots of images of chocolate in all its forms; this is not that post.


This post is selfish and all about me. It’s day *insert random number here* without proper sleep here at the cottage and I no longer function properly. I am on the never-ending cup of coffee that annoyingly never seems to be hot. I mean, I make it but when I go to raise my favourite mug to my lips it’s always lukewarm at best. My youngest decided to potty train by quite frankly, pulling off her nappy, throwing it at me and sitting on the potty like her sister. Fudgemonkeys. Yip all my plans went out the window and in a way, it was exactly what I needed.

I have no idea how toddlers seem to know what you need, as life is always very much about them but  I didn’t realise just how worn out I was until I was forced to sit with my youngest and have couch and knitting time so I could keep my eagle eye on her. Let’s face it no one likes a ‘surprise’ on their floor so this little monkey wasn’t getting out of my sight. I don’t think Daddy would like another ‘poop in the shoe’ incident and big sister only got away with that one as I could get rid of the shoes.

Since focusing solely on my daughters, I have been able to catch up on Sci-Fi and knitting. I have caught up with most of my shows, I have a sleeve of Akoya on the go which means I have the body to 14.4″ and I picked up an old WIP just to give my hands a break on the needle size. I have been able to embrace being tired and focus on the things that make me really happy. I’ve been allowed to indulge.

I have binged watched Netflix on everything from 12 Monkeys, 13 Reasons Why to House of Cards and of course the family friendly Jumanji, Finding Nemo and it’s sequel more than once. I had hot chocolate, coffee and pastries thanks to some friends but that ran out yesterday. Today is the harsh reality of trying to function with two monkeys who seem to draw energy from both the sun and the moon. In short, send help.

Today is Wip Wednesday and everywhere that Cottage Notebook has a profile usually I’m asking you to share your projects but today I’m asking you to share your indulgence. What do you do to make yourself feel better? Is it a cuppa and some chocolate (I’m on a Twix binge at the moment) or is it wine in a hot bath, uninterrupted knitting time with a good movie or is it the simplicity of a walk on the beach or scoffing a whole chocolate cake because who needs a constant diet anyway right? I need the pick me up or at least the chance to dream that some of these things might happen, so share and help me lift my spirits.


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