Introducing the Cottage Notebook Shop

Bring forth the confetti cannons, the Cottage Notebook Shop is live and it’s time to P-A-R-T-Y!

It’s been a long time coming. For those of you that have been following along from the beginning, first of all, thank you and secondly, you know how hard I struggled with finding the right offering for me and you. At last, the planets have aligned and I’m sharing my crafts with the world.


Read on my friend:

Green Rabbit watercolour digital art prints by Nadia Seaver
Green Rabbit Nusery Watercolour Prints

I can’t wait, give it to me NOW! – Etsy

Feeling a need to have planner layouts and digital art right now? Ready to switch you printer on and have that up on your wall in less time than boiling a kettle?

Then head on over to my Etsy store. Everything over there is ready for you to print. All you have to do is choose your favourite item and purchase it. Download and extract the zip files. Choose the size you want and send it to your printer.

All files are high-resolution 300 dpi prints and have been tested by me!

TIP: If you are purchasing watercolour prints, if you print on watercolour printing paper like this one, you get a fantastically reproduced print in your own home.

But Nadia I’d rather a professional print?

Well that’s where my partnership with Redubble comes in!

Read on:

Cottage Notebook Print Mug from Redbubble

Tell me about the mugs and notebooks – Redbubble

For those of you who like their coffee and notebooks (here’s your sister!) I wanted a way to offer print on demand. Redbubbble is where many graphic design artists house their work because the print quality is excellent, and their customer care is pretty top-notch.

Redbubble has centres worldwide and works with other small printers too, meaning that when you order from Redbubble, your order gets processed in it’s nearest printing centre to you. For a full list of items and where they are coming from to your door, you can find them here, and if you have a question about sustainability, well, they have a full guide here.

I also offer most of my digital art prints on Redbubble too so that you can have your print on canvas, wood mount or an art block. Yes, this means that you can also purchase some of my photography over there too.

The one downside to Redbubble it’s navigation so I built the shop page here on my website so that you can browse more easily and go straight to the section you’re interested in.

Home Sweet Home Digital Prints by the Cottage Notebook.

So far some of my photography prints are hanging in a coffee shop in NYC, design prints are off to CA, some wildflowers are hanging in a studio entryway, and here in Ireland some of you wonderful Instagram followers have purchased some printables when I launched my Etsy shop yesterday.

What can you look forward to on the blog in 2021?

Well, my garden is starting to awaken from its winter slumber, so there will be some Six on Saturday posts. My craft posts will be more of my planners and digital art as my knitting is very slow at the moment. So, I won’t be changing that much. πŸ˜‰

Thank you all so much for your support over the years.


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