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Earlier this week I wrote a post on community and the difference that Bloom Fringe made in one weekend. Today I wanted to highlight the craft community; I said in that post, that what you do with your life matters, the choices that you make help to build a community around you and make a difference in ways you can’t imagine. Previously, Helen wrote a guest post for me on the difference that craft has made to her life and I have been vocal about the difference it has made to mine. This blog and podcast are a testament to the support of the craft community and how generous they are with their time.  If you want to get up and be involved, this weekend is the weekend to get out, meet others and bring your knitting.




This Saturday, June 10th is World Wide Knit In Public Day and if you are in Ireland there is a Meet Up event happening in Dublin at St. Stephen’s Green, near the Pavilion  (the stand by the lake) from 12 pm to 3 pm.  I’m a huge fan of these meets and I encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and pop along, say ‘hi’ to the ladies and sit and knit for a while.

There isn’t anything like the craft community in Ireland or the online craft community that I’m a part of. Eight years ago a very unhappy version of myself popped along to Craw Daddy to one of Diane’s knit-working groups and it has changed my life. If you’re uncomfortable meeting people for the first time, I completely understand, I was too. I didn’t know any of the people at that first event but now many of these people are my friends. They are the people I turn to when my kids are sick or when I’m feeling isolated and now these are the people helping forge a career for myself.

The support doesn’t stop there, many craft groups knit and crochet for charity with Knitted Knockers, P/HOP, Knit for Peace to name a few and that is to name a few because if I started to write all of the charity knitting projects I’m not sure this post would ever be finished. In the UK this weekend is Big Woolly Weekend in collaboration with Bergere de France, Knit for Peace, the Jo Cox Foundation, Knit Now and Crochet Now which you heard me chat about with Kate in her podcast episode last Friday.  The mission of that is “Better Living Through Stitching Together” and if you want to take part then pop over here.

It doesn’t stop there, June is also Commit to Knit month with Uk Hand Knitting with knitters and crocheters across the UK  making just one item for a charity. If you are looking to join in a Commit to Knit event you can check out their handy map here to see if there is one located near you. You can also read all about it here and if you want to find out more about knitting for charity you can do so here.

Why so many events?

It’s clear that the craft community takes WWKIP day seriously and we use it to help spread knowledge and awareness of crafts. The craft community supports so many charities all year long, WWKIP day just highlights it. You don’t have to google much to see the difference this makes to people and their lives and one can only guess but if you want to come and get involved in any of the events, don’t be shy, be brave just this once and come join a wonderful community. You never know it might change your life!

(Disclaimer: it may also cause you to have a continuous empty wallet and an uncontrollable need to grow your stash)

If you can’t come join us, don’t worry keep an eye on social media as there will be lots of competitions online like this one from This is Knit.

So come on and get your knit on!


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