Craft | Knitting Funk – The Evil Sleeves

I don’t know about all of you but knitting sleeves is the hardest part of garment knitting for me and even harder when I am doing the garment bottom up. I have no idea why but I always procrastinate. The actual knitting of the sleeves is usually painless and fantastic TV knitting but I always have this knee jerk reaction of “ugh – no not today” and then I usually get stalled.

I currently have four garments that all need sleeves, they are hogging up my needles and it is driving me nuts because it’s July and all I really want to be knitting is endless miles of garter shawl knitting. Dare I say it even sock knitting is appealing to me more right now.  I always end up trying to figure out where this mindset comes from. It’s basically a tube of knit stitches after the cuff and I have absolutely no excuse for top down sleeves. Is it the short rounds and the use of magic loop?

Nope, I bought myself short circulars and hated them in my hands. I tried DPNS and I love using DPNs but I wasn’t enjoying it either. I went through all of my needles sets and tried all the different combinations of knitting sleeves and still, I wasn’t happy. Sleeve knitting should be amazing for me. You can stop and start again and there is no pattern that I need to worry about. In fact, I know knitters that use sleeves to work out their gauge and they knit them first! Pffff how do they do it?

I have this sleeve block and it’s killing my creativity and I’m hiding in the Tour de Fleece happily spinning yarn but these sleeves are just sitting on my desk every day mocking me. Oh yes, they mock me. In each case I have beautiful yarn on the needles; Nua, Falkland Aran, Tamar and Cashmerino and I have absolutely no desire to knit. I tried to figure out if it was because I was stressed and feeling a bit burnt out, that by sitting and knitting I was feeling guilty about all these other things on my to-do list that wasn’t getting done. I sat and I thought, happily procrastinating and drinking yet another cup of coffee but nothing came to me.

I still have no idea what is causing my knitting block but all of you are going to help me through it. Send me your tips, ideas and just let me know how you get over your knitting funk. I need these babies out of the wip pile and into my finished objects so I can take some amazing Instagram pictures and gloat share my new garment images, complete with their sleeves online. So come on and hit me with your collective wisdom. Right now I think I would even try knitting upside down on the couch just to try something new.

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