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This post started over on Instagram as an answer to the Makelight 365 prompt “Path”. I realised as I typed, that what I wanted to say needed more than an Instagram caption.  Following your own path is difficult especially for those of us who are scared of the unknown. Some of us have families that help us to forge our own way into the world with confidence and a deep surety of our place in the world. I was never that person.

For me, finding my own path has been difficult. I want to do many things but should I do them is usually the question that requires the answer. These last 11 months have taught me many things about myself, some of which I don’t like very much but they have helped me craft my online place in the world. To grow, I have needed to learn many different skills and wear many different hats and usually more than one in a ten minute period. Do not get me wrong I have loved every minute of it.

When I started this blog, I was still using stock images but now this site is filled with images that are mine. I don’t need to be a photographer, I just needed to be happy with what I could create with the camera I had. I needed to develop my own eye, my own style and to be confident about what I can and can’t do. I use Instagram as my image playground. It has become my inspiration, where I set my challenges and interact with the growing community. There are a few accounts at the moment that I follow for their creativity. It’s ok to be inspired by pieces but let them be that, be the inspiration for you to grow, adapt and create something for yourself. Let the world see you through your own eyes and I bet that view is something wonderful to behold. I stopped caring about follower counts, I had a rough target for my first year and I hit my 1K but I realised that in order to create great content and to have fun while doing it, I needed to be free to seek, play and create my own ideas.

When is it that we lose our sense of wonder at the unknown?

When did it become so terrifying to explore your own path? When did our sense of wonder become fear? Is it because it’s an unconventional way to earn an income? Well kid, the times, they are a changing. Sitting where we are now, during another technological revolution, nothing is as it has been. People want to work to live not live to work. I want to raise my kids but I also want to have a career for myself. I don’t want to be a housewife but I can’t leave my kids to allow me to work a normal 9 to 5 and so this leads me to where I am today.  I’m not the only person in the world who craves more control over their everyday life and we are nothing if we aren’t creative.

I was told once that following my own path would let me get to know myself in ways I didn’t understand yet and I remember thinking how very profound but only time had the answer to that. It’s true in that by allowing myself to be free with my choices in both the professional and personal sides to myself, I have found a balance for right now. No, it’s not perfect, there are days where nothing comes together and everyone is grumpy, tired and crying constantly for food or coffee but then there are the days where I am on fire. You know the ones I mean, those days when you hit a personal goal or do a particular piece of work better than you thought you could; on those days I go to bed smiling.

So why not follow your own path? Not on it yet, that’s ok but what changes can you make to take a step in your own direction? I don’t mean pack up your job and hand in your notice, I mean what small step can you make to start your own path. I won’t lie it is terrifying but you can do it because all you need to do is believe in yourself and keep trying until you make it happen. Yes, it’s hard but isn’t everything in life that is worth doing a struggle?

Today I’m going to be a lion and do another thing that scares me. What about you?





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