Craft | A Love Letter to Yarn

Last year I wrote a love letter to yarn for Sarah Shotts. It was the last love letter ever to appear on her blog and for that I am grateful. She very kindly allowed me to repost here on my blog and I thought that Valentine’s Day was the most fitting.  If you would like to find Sarah, you can pop over to her new YouTube channel for all those mini-adventures. For today, I leave you with my love letter to yarn:

Dear Yarn,
As the holiday season comes and goes I have revelled in your warmth and comfort during these dark winter nights. As I work my way through some selfish knitting time, I want to thank you for all you have given.

Your hanks, cakes and skeins allow me to get lost in dreams about what you may become. Your gorgeous colourways allow me to move through the seasons by knitting with sunshine in December or by a winter lake in Spring. You have held my hands steady as I buried family members all the while wrapped in soft, delicate accessories, gifted with love and thoughts from friends.

You have watched me grow from those carefree childhood days of garter stitch and teddy bears to the adult ones of raglan sweaters and wedding shawls. You kept me comforted during the anxious days of early pregnancy and now keep warm those that are most precious to me.

Thank you for helping strangers become friends, for dreamers to become designers and the inspired to be indie-dyers. For every skein there are infinite possibilities of what you can become and what we can achieve together.

So as I grasp my trusty needles and look to you my life long friend, I ask “What adventure are we going to go on today?


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