This is part of my NaNoWriMo Series.


It’s day two of NaNoWriMo and I’m currently on track which is a big surprise as the world has descended into chaos around me. Thank goodness I had an outline is all I can say because my writing time is crammed into a two-hour timeslot and it *has* to get done or I’ll fall behind. The renovations on the cottage are currently in full force with 3 people here and all of us poor souls crammed into two rooms and the rooms in an Irish cottage, ahem, well they are not the biggest.

So for those parents out there who follow me, yes that means that currently myself, my partner and both toddlers are all sleeping in one room and it’s a challenge but life is also full of reminders why we love being parents. Yes, okay, that’s soppy but the whole experience aside from the house being upended in one 24 hour period, is fun. I get to watch my kids help and adapt. I’ve watched T take care of K and help her carry things and feed her and teach her how to put her socks on. Yip, we are all about the toddlers helping to move their own things and say goodbye to their room too. I keep reminding them that we all get new bedrooms and an office/craft room out of this so it is worth it.


And Now For The Writing….

I thought with an outline and some test pages trying different points of view would be enough preparation for me to write what I wanted on the pages. I have decided that morning time is best for writing. I read my previous work before going to sleep and I get up an hour earlier, which in our current situation is pretty easy and I write before my partner leaves for work. So far this is working out pretty well.

I had no idea that NaNoWriMo had such a wonderful community that meet in person. I have a wonderful ML (Municipal Liason) called Grace who is a NaNo veteran and full of useful tips and advice. We had our first in-person meetup where I got to chat with other writers from my region and find out their experiences with NaNo and a little about what they are working on for November. One of the best pieces of advice I left with was to aim for 2000 words a day to make up for the days where life will inevitably get in the way and your fingers will never dust the keys of a laptop or find time with pen and paper.

My difficulties are reigning in my train of thought and keeping the chapters consistent. Letting them find their natural end without worrying about the word count. Expanding on the scenes of the outline for me because of the type of writing I’m doing is difficult without timelines going all over the place and I’m having a problem with confidence and wondering why on earth anyone would want to read what I’m writing.

Friendly Reminders

I reminded myself that this November is about me and my personal goal and writing the story that I want to write. That by going through this process it will help me as a writer but also help me to pull together cohesive thoughts on the ‘M’ project. I can’t tell you how many times when I was joining in the live calls or working on the beat sheets that Hops & Claws kept popping back into my mind and I have a notebook filled with story ideas that all need writing and expanding. I had that feeling again, of being happy and doing something because I loved it. All I have to do at this moment in time is to write what I want to write and let go of the idea of it being a published piece. Only time will tell if it is something that I would like out in the world.

Unlike Hops & Claws which was written with the intention of release, this project is personal that I’m unsure that I want these thoughts read by others. I’m more tired than I have ever been as writing these pages are emotionally draining but there is so much that I don’t want to forget that I feel the only way I can do it justice is to write it out. I’ve already laughed and cried and I’m only on chapter 3 so who knows where it will go from here.

Best of luck to all my fellow WriMo’s out there. I’m wishing you all a wonderful WriMo.

I hope you enjoy this November series based on ‘M’.





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