This is part of my NaNoWriMo Series.


Hello, week two of NaNoWriMo! It has been an interesting week. We are all walking zombies, I really can’t describe it any other way. We are all still sleeping in one room so it has now been a week of sharing a room with my toddlers. I now have the FEAR that I will never get them out of my bedroom again. However, there is an end in sight and we are crawling slowly towards it thanks to the recent weather drop but this weekend should see us all in new bedrooms! Just save that celebatory glass of champagne until it actually happens.



Our second regional write in is this evening which is why I am writing this blog post instead of increasing my word count. I missed the first write in but I have joined in all the virtual write-in’s on YouTube and you can catch the replays here if you are interested. I have taken part in the NaNo word sprints on Twitter and they have really focused me on achieving my goal. I really do recommend that if you are in a slump and you can’t write to pop on to Twitter and take part or tag a fellow WriMo and have a word count battle. Having someone to hold you accountable is really key where you are in a funk. Which brings me nicely on to the next section:


Shut up and tell me about your writing already!

Ok today is day eight of NaNo and the word count to hit by the end of the day is 13336 and I am currently on 9,169 which means that I will finish on December 14th at my current rate. The whole reason for this was down to losing four consecutive days of writing time and every time I get into the flow of writing it gets broken because of a child or building work or well life pulling me away from the laptop.  The words are flowing really quickly when I do get to write and yesterday I managed a word count of over 3K so I know that over the course of this week I can get back on track and just write it out.

One of the biggest problems for me was how to write the final image and it came to me while I was working on chapters five and six so I’m happy about that but the blues on week two is more about falling behind due to all the external circumstances that are out of my control. (Yes as I write this post my husband has just informed me that the floors are to be sanded this weekend ermmmm)

When I write, I am getting lost in the story but it’s hard to know if it’s because it is so personal or if it is actually good writing. I know in places that the entire chapter will need to be reworked in editing but by getting it down on paper, per say, the first draft is flying along but just not as fast as the WriMo’s who have actual time to sit and write in batches. I know that if I don’t get some uninterrupted sleep this will not be finished in November so cross your fingers for me.

Against NaNoWriMo?

Why? To those who are against NaNo and are saying that you can have 50K words at the end of the month but a terrible novel I say, well yes that’s true but NaNo is about giving yourself the possibility of achieving it with help of a supportive online community in your corner all routing for you. My target was to tell my story and to have a first draft in need of some serious editing because I would never carve out the time in my life to do it otherwise. Now I have people who are cheering me on and lending a hand when I’m stuck (writing prompt anyone: zombie dragon)  and I’m doing something for me that matters. I can’t learn what my weakness is if I never try and I’m a person who needs a good hardnose deadline in order to achieve something. That person who never studied until the night before an exam and got a 1.1, that’s me. I need that clock counting down to zero to get my bum in gear and just do it. Don’t be against NaNo, there are a lot of young writers taking part in schools around the world. They are all learning how to write and some are surpassing myself at every level. I may not have an amazing novel by November 30th but I will have achieved something that I never have before in my entire life.

So, I am pushing towards the deadline and shaking off the blues. Who’s with me? In saying all of the above, how are your novels coming along?

Best of luck to all my fellow WriMo’s out there. I’m wishing you all a wonderful November.

I hope you enjoy this November series based on ‘M’.





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