Love | On Festive Cheer and Quiet Reflection


It snuck up on me again. The date never changes but each year the start of the holiday season always seems to hit me in the face. BAM! It’s here and there is nothing you can do except enjoy the season at hand with carols and turkey and all that glitters. Now, I love Christmas time. I enjoy it a lot more since having children and I can see the magic in their eyes when they chat about advent, the elves and the man in red but there are times when all I want to do is turn down Christmas and all its trimmings and just enjoy some quiet time. Christmas should come with a dimmer switch.


Quiet Time


Remember that? It has been missing from our lives for the last few months and yesterday I started reflecting on 2017, where I had spent my energy and more importantly my time. I took a long hard look at what my goals and achievements were, not just personally but as a family. This time of year always makes me want to slow down. Enjoy a glove-in-glove walk on the beach with my partner, watch the kids play with snow, go on an early family photo walk and enjoy a good book by the log fire. All of these things are just snippets of life, moments grasped between work and hectic holiday plans of presents, visits and decorating, the lather rinse repeat of Christmas time.


I came to realise that certain things are sucking my time; time that could be spent more wisely. It’s easier to reflect then it is to plan ahead but from where I’m standing now, I’m feeling a lot better about my achievements in 2017. Before sitting down I could name two. I was drastically low balling myself because I had unconsciously assigned a monetary figure to my writing and content instead of the value it brings. I will delve more into this later but for now, consider it a lightbulb moment of epic proportions. It is right up there with defining your own success.



My wish for 2018 is focused around one word, ‘Growth’. I’m naming 2018 ‘A Year for Growth’. I’m putting it here so that you can all join in and share your reflections or ideas for 2018 and also to hold myself accountable to someone other than the voice inside my head. My word for 2017 was ‘Explore’ and I gave it my all in every aspect I tried but it’s time to double down and focus on the things that make my heart sing. The podcast and writing both mean a lot to me but they need to be managed in a way that doesn’t see me weeping into my gin and typing till midnight.


I’m excited about the year ahead. For the projects, I want to share with all of you, the collaborations that may surprise you but my main focus is on teasing apart creativity. This is a personal blog, I keep it ad-free and I share my craft side with all of you. Creativity is much greater than the presence it has on this blog and so I’m keeping that side of me focused over on Medium. Over there you will see a different side to my writing and me but I want the Notebook to stay true to its yarn loving core.


If there are more features that you would like to see on the blog now is the time to hit reply in the comments and tell me, contact me on Twitter, use the contact form, tag me on Instagram.  You will be seeing more guest posts in the new year, new interviews and new guest spots on the podcast. Just after I have the gingerbread cookie by the fire and after I finished reading The Night Circus and after I see my husband because I want a cuddle dagnammit!


Happy Holidays to you all and Best Wishes for 2018





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