This is a rather strange post for me to write, essentially this is a vote for me/my blog type of post. Over the last 2 years of running the Notebook,  I’ve made friends through the wonderful craft, gardening and parenting communities. I’ve tried to highlight indie designers and makers and also make the Notebook a welcoming and relaxing space for all of you to visit. If you do like what I create and popping over and spending time on the blog and podcast I would really love it if you had the time to vote for me in this year’s UK Blog Awards.

How to Vote

I am in Arts & Crafts (pg 8 and Lifestyle categories (pg 35

To vote,

  • Click on the categories and view the entries.
  • To see their website, click on the globe.
  • To see their entry information, click on the “i”.
  • To vote for their entry, click on the red heart .
  • Please note, there is only one vote per person per category.  Choose wisely! ( Choose me, choose me shakes woolly pom poms)

Why Enter the Awards

I have chatted online about working from home and being a blogger and how isolating this can be. Some say that awards shouldn’t matter and I understand why but I can say that when other professionals from the industry look at what I’ve created and say good things/make shortlists it’s like receiving a virtual high five from a peer and that to me when I’m struggling can sometimes bring a smile on a tough day or remind me that I can do things that I never thought possible. Awards can lead to a comparrison trap but I like to use them to meet new bloggers, be introduced to new blogs and learn from the best. Sometimes it’s good to push yourself out of your comfort zone you never know what you can achieve until you try.

So if you choose to take the time to vote know that I appreciate it, I know how time poor we all are. I’m just settling back into things since our break so I will be back with another post tomorrow so I can show you all what I have been up too!

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