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I am still in my knitting funk so I thought that I would share some of my favourite knits with all of you in the hope that by sharing, my knitting ability will come flooding back. I’ve even realised that I haven’t been updating my Ravelry notebook either with my finished knits. I do post every now and again on Instagram but few and far between.

I do knit a lot but I realised that I wear the same hand knits over and over again. These knits are the ones I go to for comfort, warmth or I’m particularly proud of the finish. I hope you enjoy these and you can always add one to your queue if they inspire you!


Il Grande Favorito Isabell Kraemer


Il Grande Favorito – Isabelle Kreamer

I loved knitting this sweater because it combined my love of soft beautiful yarns with a quick garment knit. This sweater is knit on size 8mm needles and I held a strand of Malabrigo Finito together with Fyberspates Cumulus to give it that soft halo. I did end up knitting the neckline a few times and you can read about it here but I do wear this a lot in the winter time. Even in my drawer in summer I do stroke her sometimes just for that squishy soft feel.

Akoya in Stolenstitches Nua Yarn


Akoya – Carol Feller

Ok I will own up this is still a wip but it is one of the most enjoyable knits and it’s again the combination of the yarn and the pattern. I really want this off my needles but everything seems to be going against me knitting them. How do children know when you take up your needles? I swear my kids are at one with the knitting/craft force.

Akoya is a beautifully tailored cardigan with lace and cable panel details. It’s elegant and feminine and everything I wanted to go with a particular dress of mine. I’m currently on the sleeves (yes still) but as soon as I get my fibre off the guild wheel I will be knitting this again like crazy.

Colour Affection in Malabrigo Sock


Colour Affection – Veera Vaimaki

There is something to be said when you knit a pattern more than once and I have knit this 3 times now. I find the garter stitch relaxing and the finished object extremely wearable. This is one of the best examples of enjoying the process of knitting the object and also enjoying it long after it has come off the needles. I love the colour play when choosing my yarns and I love those long knit rows that allow me to watch TV and knit. I also don’t get bored because the short rows add enough of an interest for me. If you choose to knit this beauty just make sure you cast on nice and loose and add in an extra YO after the first two knit stitches and before the last two knit stitches of every row to allow the shawl some extra room for drape.

Antler Cardigan – Malabrigo Rios.


Antler Cardigan – Tin Can Knits

Again a pattern I have made more than once and I am partial to a lot of Tin Can Knits patterns. They are well written and have a range of sizes and they make perfect baby gifts. I chose to work this one in Malabrigo Rios and yes I know you all know how much I love Malabrigo yarns but Rios just stands the test of time for me. It washes well and it’s enjoyable to knit with. This pattern also has a stunning cable yolk and as it is worked in Aran weight it’s pretty fast to fly off the needles which is great if you need it in a hurry.

Folded in Hedgehog Fibers Sock


Folded – Veera Valimaki

I wear this sweater so much because I find it flattering to wear and I love the colour of the Hedgehog Fiber yarn. I can actually stare at the stocking stitch in this garment and admire the dyeing of the yarn. I like to wear garments that are lightweight in work to show off the yarn and also because it is just so hot in This is Knit that if it isn’t made from sock yarn or lighter I won’t get through a shift. This is a simple pattern and again I like to get lost in knit stitches. This is a pattern worked from the bottom up but is perfect for showing off a special hand dyed yarn.  I have just gone through so many images of my wearing this sweater but you actually can’t see the sweater in any of them so I hope my Ravelry image is ok for all of you.

Miette in Malabrigo Rios


Miette – Andi Satterlund

This is a cardigan again in Malabrigo Rios but I get compliments everytime I wear it. It is a quick knit but it is stylish and made to flatter. The pattern is free and easy to follow and I think I made this in about a week, sleeves and all so that should tell you something. I bought yarn to knit 2 of Andi’s other patterns so you will be seeing more of this designers patterns this winter.

Owl Sweater in Rowan Cocoon


Owls – Kate Davies

This sweater s reserved for those really cold snaps. It’s a bulky knit but it is still flattering to wear which I find hard when it comes to bulky yarn and knits. Usually, a bulk knit is reserved for cowls and hats but I love this sweater and if I’m feeling low I pull it out and whip it on. I will be making another and possibly a cardigan too.

Clockwork – Malabrigo Finito


Clockwork – Stephen West

Last winter this is my most work cowl or scarf. It’s in Malabrigo Finito and I love how it reaches to my knees. I really have abused this yarn and I expected it to pill and cause issues but it hasn’t. I gave it one good combing in its lifetime and it has behaved. The shape of this scarf makes it wearable in a number of ways and I always feel a bit more glam when I wear it. I also always get compliments when I wear it and it is one of those knits that I get to say “oh, I made this” quite a lot and that always brings a smile to my face. Also, this is one of the only handknits were another knitter recognised it and came up to chat to me about knitting!

Those are my favourite knits and what do you know I do actually feel like grabbing my needles and working on a few rows. Thank you for reading and please share your own favourite yarns or patterns in the comments. I love seeing what inspires you enough to grab those needles and knit.


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