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First of all I’m sorry I missed a week. The weather picked up here and myself and Lil’ T have been out and about now that she is old / big enough for back carries. With the weather change comes a decline in knitting time so my projects are a little slow in growing.


The Arrow KAL has been fully released and Ysolda has a full pattern file together now so if you would still like to knit the pattern you can pick up a complete pattern from here. From the picture above you can see that I’m just about to start Clue 5. I chose to do the knit on border (clue 5A) but I think my shawl is too small. I had a look around the KAL forums and I saw a post where a user had worked clues 5B and 5A together. I love this idea but I haven’t added any lace to my shawl and I just think it will look out of place. I was thinking of reworking Clue 4 B so that the arrow clusters are off set and then working the border but I really just want this KAL to be over. This KAL has taught me a few things about my knitter self:

1. I’m a control freak when it comes to my knitting and for that reason mystery KAL’s are probably not for me.

2. I’m *very* picky about the pairing of yarn and pattern. I don’t think my choice was quite right here. The shawl isn’t bad but I feel like I could have done this yarn more justice and the textured stitches don’t pop the way they deserve either.

3. I like to have a vision in my head about what I’m trying to achieve from my FO. This helps me to finish my wip and gets me excited to pop it in a bath and see it all blocked out. There is nothing like that feeling when your freshly cast off project comes out of its bath and you can see your work all neat and tidy looking amazing. (OK I’ll admit, some of my FO’s come out of their bath and I cry because it’s a disaster but then there’s wine and chocolate and if needs must, some cashmere petting).

In saying that I do like my shawl but now when I look at it I see all the choices I would now make to have the shawl I really love. I do love some of textured stitches of this shawl, the elongated cables being my favorite but by my next post where she is all cast off and blocked I’ll probably be raving about it so lets wait and see.


The other main reason that this shawl has not been cast off yet is because I went to work on Saturday and yip something caught my eye AGAIN that I just had to cast on right NOW. I know you  know that feeling but I was helping someone pair up some yarn and the Louisa Harding Noema just would not leave my hand. I kept putting it back on the shelf and ten minutes later its back in my hand again. I had visions of a cardigan for T playing around in my head so I came home, played with some maths and cast on. As you can see it needs sleeves and some blocking as you can’t see how beautiful the colourwork is right now.


I loved the pairing of the Noema with Debbie Bliss Rialto DK so much that I bought more on Saturday to do a yoke neck textured cardigan for her. (Ahem, I don’t just enable all of you, I also do it to myself too). They are just so quick to do for a 9 month size that they are a perfect little pick me up. Especially with the weather turning to the bleak snowy darkness of today, I need to work in bright cheerful colours. This brings my year of making up to project 6, hopefully both will be cast off by next monday, yip, next monday. *cough cough*

How are your Arrow shawls coming along? Any finished shawls out there or did some other project take over your attention too?

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