Love | Overcoming the Overwhelm and Tackling Procrastination

Peach tree in bloom


I don’t know about all of you but with the warm weather here over this past weekend, I have been trying desperately to catch up with everything outside in my garden before this calm warm spell disappears. This feeling of being overwhelmed is starting to disappear but it’s not completely gone and I’ve figured that it won’t fully disappear until I get to check off certain things on my ‘To-Do’ list.

I love being outside in my garden listening to the birds that live there and even an hour a day out there makes a huge difference by the end of the week. It also get’s all of us outside and feeling better in the afternoon. Yesterday, for example, I treated and painted our raised beds and pillars of the pergola so that I had an instant uplift in the hour that I had outside. Even sweeping up out there makes such a difference but to tell the truth, I’m completely discouraged with our garden.

When we bought here the garden was mature and full of mature hebes, fake castor oil plants and trees. It didn’t fulfil our needs but the cottage and babies needed our attention. On Sunday during my inspection of what we lost over winter and in Storm Doris (I shake my fist at you) I realised our garden is in a much worse state that I thought initially.

Hello Mr. Bluebell

In a garden patience is key. My father said that sentence a lot to me but as a child, I was impatient and often forgot what we did last year and I was more interested in the annuals as they gave an almost instant display. Time here in the cottage has shown that there is something moving through the garden attacking our trees. I know that the late bought of frost and that late storm has left wind burn on some of the leaves but we lost 4 trees and in our garden that is a lot. The cherry tree died over winter and I’m having a horrible growing suspicion that we have a  soil-borne bacterial problem. Not only that but there is active woodworm in a lot of the old trees in this area. *gulp* If any of you have dealt with any of these issues please leave me a comment, I’d love to learn more.

We rented a skip and spent St. Patricks day clearing and to be honest we still have so much work to do. This added to my feeling of being overwhelmed as we are about to say goodbye to our kitchen, and bathroom so that we can restore the cottage walls, so the thoughts of taking on the garden nearly floored me. There was nothing to do except to split my focus. I’m going to call in a favour from one of my friends to help me form a plan with our trees and testing and I’m going to focus on growing filler bedding plants for the front garden and our veggie raised beds.

The key for me is to have long term plans broken down to monthly and then weekly targets so that I don’t see the overall picture. It’s just a distant dream because if I stand back and look at the blog/podcast and then our garden and then the cottage. I will just get stressed and nothing will get done and I will just procrastinate. I will say that having two small children has taught me how to make the most of my time and I can now confidently say that time management is a skill that comes with life and on the job experiences.

How do you manage your time? Have any of you ever taken on a mature garden? Delt with woodworm in trees? Help a person out and leave a comment below.

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