This is my first award from the blogging community and I don’t quite know what to say. The wonderful Bookish Owlette awarded me the Versatile Blog Award! Thank you so much for considering my online home for this award, I have seen it move through the bloggersphere and I’m proud to be part of your wonderful group.

As I’m typing this, imagine me sitting in a beautiful ballgown with perfectly contoured makeup and two beautiful Akitas sitting either side guarding me. (Read: sitting here in my PJ’s drinking a coffee ahem)

While I’m not a lover of Chain anything I do think that awards like this one show that the blogging community does support one another. Another blogger takes the time to read what you write and they want to show you some support. For that, I’m proud to take the hand of other bloggers and also possibly introduce some of you to other craft bloggers out there building their crafty online home.

Please pop over to the Bookish Owelette and you will find some of the funniest in-depth book reviews and she is a  Shadowhunter at heart who is married to the High Lord of the Night Court and if that sentence didn’t mean anything to you, you really need to pop over and give her blog a read.


7 Things About Me

Part of this blog award is for the blogging community to get a little closer and reach out to one another. I’m a huge believer in community and for a long time when I started, I didn’t really feel part of the blogging world. The online craft community has always given me a home but the blogging community was a different alien world to me. It has been so much fun getting to know other bloggers out there that share my other interests. You allow me to immerse myself in blogs of fiction, creative writing, bullet journalling and some downright crazy and weird posts. I love your wonderful unique minds.

Tips champagne glass to you all. 

Here are my 7 er, mildly interesting facts about me. If you only read 1 of these skip to number 7.

1. I absolutely have to have the right pen to write with. The weight has to be right and it has to move on the page fluidly. I will spend hours trying to find my mislaid pen in my house before I will write in my journal.

2. I’m now a full-time blogger, podcaster and VA. I realised I spend the majority of time being paid to write. It happened so organically that I didn’t notice it taking over my time. For the longest time, I wouldn’t call myself a writer so the realisation that I deserve that title was a pretty big deal for me.

3. My comfort food is chosen depending on what type of comfort I need. If I’m depressed and need a hug I chose a cheesy broccoli pasta bake, if I need cheering up then a Korma with Pilau rice is on the cards.

4. If my husband has been out in the pub then he is required to come home with a cheeseburger at 2 am. He isn’t allowed to wake me without the said cheeseburger. In the last ten years, this has been a rule he has only broken once. (It helps that now we have two kids and rarely get out though lol)

5. I’m a sci-fi fan through and through. I love Battlestar Galactica and Star Track Discovery finally won me over to the Star Trek franchise.I’m not sure anything has really come close to Battlestar in sci-fi though I will happily debate this.

6. The books that I love to lose myself in are all fantasy based. I get so little time to read for pleasure instead of work that I like to be whisked off to another world where magic is real and a person has to go find that object so that they can complete their journey and you know, save the world ;).

7. Here is where it gets solemn. My world online is nothing like my world in real-life. It’s crafted and curated so that I can work on a semi-professional level with other Indie professionals. My online world is a place I run to when I need something calm and beautiful to my eyes. So that I can wrap myself in this community when I need someone to help me stand up every day, when I need to stop crying, or I need the support of other parents who are in the same zombie stages of parenthood as I am. Remember to other bloggers that a comment can be all it takes to let them know you care, let them know that you inspired them or spoke to them in some way even if all you post is an emoji. If you want to be part of a community then show up, support one another but most of all be genuine for the rewards far outweigh anything else.


Your Turn:

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I’ll be back with a post on Creativity this weekend



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