Grow | Plan to Suc-seed! January Planning in the Garden.

January is a bit of a ho-hum month in the cottage garden but it is in fact a very important month. It’s time for you to make your gardening plans for the year. If that’s not enough to get you excited why not think about the amazing fruit and veg you could be picking from your very own garden or flowers that you could be tending during those warm summer months. It’s time for you to plan to succeed for 2017 and here are some handy tips to help make that happen so let’s Get up and Grow!

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Plan Crop Rotation

Yes OK that is something that you see on every gardening site but if you don’t plan your rotation then you can’t order those amazing seeds! Usually I sketch out a plan for my beds and then get all nerdy and use excel to pull a system together but there are some tools out there you can take advantage of.

Growmatic by the wonderful people at QuickCrop is a FREE online resource to planning your planting. It  also emails you notifications so you don’t forget. Growmatic has worked great for me in the past as the toddler likes to add the veg to the calendar.  They also have some amazing video tutorials if this is the first year you are trying a new vegetable.

Visit GIY HQ / GIT International

To get inspiration why not take a trip to a working veg garden with fantastic advice and a cafe to try out all the seasonal produce. GIY HQ is located on the Dunmore Road in Waterford City near the roundabout and their website also has amazing tutorials but what I love best is their Newsletter. These ain’t your average mails, inspiring and funny these mails should have you smiling and doing the wellie dance of joy no matter the weather.


Listen your not going to know what space you have or containers you need to invest in if you don’t do the boring stuff too. So in this case, it’s time to get out there in whatever ten minute period you can find and tidy up. From pot cleaning to weeding (yup it never ends, not even in winter) any tidying you do now is an advantage for the busy season ahead.

Tunnels / Greenhouse

This is the perfect time to clean and repair the tunnels and wash down the greenhouse. Let’s face it it’s warmer in there anyway and I don’t know about you but it’s somewhat peaceful and perfect for some you time.

Order Seeds

This is by far the most fun. New seed catalogs get me motivated and excited about the year to come. This year can be anything I want it to be though usually I’m restricted by space. I love using Seedsavers for heritage seeds and also Seedaholic. I get my Mr. Middelton catalogs around now and curl up in front of the stove and plan with my filofax beside me.

What are you planning for 2017? Let me know in the comments or you can send me a picture of what you’ve started on Instagram or nab me on Twitter. You can sign up below for the Newsletter for some monthly inspiration, gardening tips and behind the scenes info on the podcast.




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