Podcast | Season 2- 8 with A Playful Day

In this feature-length episode, we meet Kate from A Playful Day. We chat about blogging, online identity, social media and her journey from the start of A Playful Day to where she is now. We chat about creating an online space, being seen, exploring our own identity and Woollinn, Dublin.  Time to make that cuppa and settle in for an interesting episode.

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“I wanted it to be quality content with dignity as much as possible”


Over on APlayfulDay, Kate has made a safe space for very real and raw conversations to take place. We chat about a few of those posts on the podcast and you can pop over and have a read by clicking the links below. Kate wanted to help shape some of the conversations happening on identity. Kate is a natural storyteller with a very clear vision of quality content with dignity and making these conversations and posts as accessible as possible,  which I think we can all agree is happening over on A Playful Day.

Daki – Defining my own identity.

Learning to Live with the Ageing Process- Guest Post by Amy Herzog

Ash Alberg. – Defining my Femme



Kate is taking part in Woollinn Dublin May 25th and 26th with both a SmartPhone photography talk which you can find out about here and the Make Good Feel Good Photoshoot which you can take part in here. It is about feeling good. It’s about existing. It’s about documenting a moment in time. It’s about occupying space. It’s about being seen. While you’re listening to the podcast you can find out about the makegoodfeelgood hashtag and then how you can take part at Woollinn with a FREE professional photo shoot with Kate.

During this conversation, you can see exactly why Kate is the perfect person to be behind the camera for this project. If you are the type of person to run from a camera and hate being I pictures then please have a listen to this episode. I really hope you enjoy tuning in to this one folks, I had a lot of fun chatting with Kate and I hope it transfers into the audio. You can find kate in the following spaces, why not pop over and say hi:

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