Podcast | Let’s Get Woolly Wk1

Welcome to week 1 of the Let’s Get Woolly Hat Knit-along.  It’s time to grab those needles, choose your hat pattern, start checking your gauge and cast on. 

Half Theory  Hat – Image provided by Woolly Wormhead

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Over the next 4 weeks, this series of podcasts will focus around the Let’s Get Woolly KAL. If you are not sure what that is pop on over to this blog post.  We will be chatting about hat sizes, finding a style for you, cast on, gauge and all the FAQ’s and chat from the Ravelry group or social online. 

These podcasts are a bridge before the launch of season 3 of the podcast. Don’t forget to have your say on what you would included in the show. You can leave your comments here or in the group or you can tag me anywhere online I am @cottagenotebook. 

This podcasts covers a range of techniques so below you will find links to those discount codes, hat patterns and tutorials to help you knit the best hat for you this month. 


You can use the code woollynotebook for 25% for Woolly’s patterns and 15% off yarn orders over 20 euro.  

Woolly Wormhead Hat Bundles

Green Elephant Yarn

Dublin Dye Co. 

Cottage Notebook Ravelry Group Kal thread. 

Castiel Hat – Image Provided by Woolly Wormhead

Tutorial Links

Measuring for your Hat size

Measuring gauge and fit

Guide to choosing the right hat for you

Hat style guides

Substituting Yarn

Cast on Tutorials

Everglade Hat – Image provided by Woolly Wormhead

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Music has been recorded exclusively for the show by Irish artist Liz Seaver.

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