Podcast | Season 2 – 4 with Karie Westermann

Episode 2-4 of the podcast is now live. In this episode of the podcast, the wonderfully talented Karie Westermann joins me on the podcast to chat about her latest book, This Thing of Paper. If you wanted to know a little bit about the essays, compilation and behind the scenes info on those beautiful photos, this is the podcast for you. Come on in, grab a cuppa and have a listen to the journey of This Thing of Paper in Karie’s own words.

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It’s time for you to put the kettle on, grab your knitting and make yourself comfortable.  Today’s show is a fun filled 50 minutes, perfect for blocking off some knitting time for you. So, come on and let’s meet the wonderful Karie Westermann.


Marginalia by Karie Westermann in Blacker Yarns Lyonesse DK

Marginalia | Blacker Yarns Lyonesse DK

Podcast Notes & Links

Karie very kindly agreed to come on the show and have a relaxed chat about her latest book This Thing of Paper which, in my opinion, is one of the most impressive publications of it’s kind. When I opened the book initially I was blown away by the beautiful graphic design accompanying clever knitwear designs. From the quiet Marginalia to the bold strong colour of  Rubrication everything in this book is fascinating and has it’s own wonderful story. During the podcast Karie introduces some of the stories behind the patterns; how life has impacted the designs, each one disclosing it’s secrets if you look at it carefully enough. Don’t take my words for it, press play and listen to Karie describe how This Thing of Paper came together.


Minuscule by Karie Westermann in Blacker Yarns Swan Falkland Islands 4-ply

Minuscule | Blacker Yarns Swan Falkland Islands 4-ply


We also get to delve into the book structure along with those fabulous essays that accompany each pattern but be warned it is easily thirty minutes before we get to talk about the yarn!  In this episode, you will hear Karie’s adventures on the long journey from the initial conception to design inspiration and then listen to her chat about the day she finally got to hold her first proof copy in her hands.

There is nothing that I could write that would do Karie’s words justice some pop your earbuds in, press play and listen to the journey of This Thing of Paper in her own words.

More from Karie:

If you want to hear more from Karie pop on over to the Shineybees podcast here. You can also keep track of where you can meet Karie in 2018 by popping over to her events page here and of course here in Ireland you can meet Karie at Woollinn in May! Karie is teaching 3 workshops during her time in Dublin which includes, Knitting the Landscape, Nordic Traditions and my personal favourite, Get Published. You can nab some of the final tickets to those workshops here.

You can also get social with Karie by following her on Ravelry, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and of course her website here.

Today’s episode is sponsored by the wonderful Ellie and Ada yarns and you can find those delicious skeins over here. Music has been provided by Irish artist Liz Seaver.

I’ll be back with a creativity post on Monday.

Enjoy your weekend




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