Craft | Ravellenics 2016


With the passing of yet another Olympic Games the crafters among us have competed in another Ravellenic Games. This year I noticed quite the few users who managed to get a medal in all categories, phew well done to them! I however only managed 3 medals but I am proud and thankful because it took participating and the support of all the fantastic knitters and crocheters on Twitter to help me find my knitting mojo and wip down for the games, especially all the lovely people over on the Stashdown Ireland  group you guys are fabulous!

First off my needles was the Wips Wrestling medal with a Colour Affection by Veera Valimaki in Hedgehog Fibers Sock. This is one of the very few patterns (other than baby clothes) that I have knit more than once. The relaxing garter stitch and alternating colours were just enough to get my head back round to knitting and finally get this beautiful knit out of my overflowing project bag and on my neck. Please tell me I’m not the only knitter who goes in search of wips and ends up lost and emerging 4 hours later, hungry and clutching something random and entirely different than you originally looked for? This project really needs no introduction or discussion as it became one of my favourite KAL’s ever over in This Is Knit, who would believe that was 3 (yes 3!) years ago? I think I’m loosing track of time since I moved to the cottage!

My second medal was for the Cowl Jump and I was so proud of this as it managed to bust my stash and knit a pattern that I had wanted since it was released way back in 2012. The Honey Cowl is one that sits in a lot of your drawers now, yarn all grown up but I just got to oogle the ones passing in and out of TIK in Malabrigo’s Silky Merino and Louisa Harding’s Grace. (Yes I do have a long memory).  I did venture into the epic stash pile (which has now been reorganised *beams*) and find the Mirasol K’acha and yip that thing that always happens to me happened again and I fell in love with a yarn that was discontinued but the upside was I found Antonia Shankland’s designs on Ravelry and I now keep eyeing up her Torv and it’s part of the Woolfolk Collection!! *drools*

The third and final medal was the Sweater Triathlon and this was more out of need and a manic last ditch effort to secure another medal than a well thought out plan. I had the yarn in my stash since 2015 and Lil’T just keeps getting bigger. I love the feel of Rico’s Superwash Merino, not a slubby superwash but one that still has that rustic feel yet soft enough for the toddler to wear (as in she will let me put it on her). The pattern is Harvest by Tin Can Knits and it’s one that I want for me too so I like to try it out in the smaller sizes. I’m not that happy with the provisional cast on as it is very noticeable in T’s cardigan, it’s right at the front and lies just at the top of her chest. Unless this is done right it is really noticeable and the cast on I use for toe up socks or the crochet cast on didn’t look too great once blocked out so my advice while doing your tension square (please do one for garments) is to try the provisional cast on in whatever method you want and block these out and see if your happy. This flew off the needles in 3 days even with the smallies about thanks to a very well written pattern and a DH who distracted the kids.

So that’s my round up of the games, exactly the same number of medals as the last games but I now have my mojo back and I have a Folded in Hedgehog Fibers on the needles and I’m enjoying every minute!

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