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December for me is all about reflection, from GIY to yarn and craft to personal goals set in the early new year. I always try and find some time during this busy month to see if I’ve managed to achieve what I wanted. As a mum it’s always hard to put yourself first because there is always something that you deem more important and you rank it higher up the list. It’s time to put you feet up and think about you, after you finish this post of course!

That journal in the picture holds all my gardening ideas and achievements from 2016. It holds my dreams for the raised beds, my plans for square foot planting and rotation ideas. As I sit with my coffee, which is a rare occurrence around here, I doodle and plan for the year ahead. I catch up on my notes in the columns and try and decide on what seeds to order and what I’d like to try in the coming year. As the weather deteriorates, I move to my knitting and weaving to see me through the darkest months of the year.

I started to do this for my yarn stash and wips too by making my own sections in my Filofax. They slowly have been taking over lately as my needles broke and I have been awaiting my new ones. As I type, I’m multitasking and also stalking the postman! My journals and Filofax keep me from feeling overwhelmed but how do you stay on top of things this busy season?

Having just had a baby at the end of 2015, I knew this year would be busy but I had personal goals too. I didn’t want my children to take that little piece of myself that I kept just for me and so this notebook and podcast was born. From here my year got so busy and I’m delighted to have met all of you and to share in your story.

2017 is already gearing up for a fun filled crafty year with some new GIY experiences in store so I’m going to take what downtime I can this year as my Christmas present. What are you wishing for?

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