Review | Bergere De France Creations 2016 – 2017

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I am going to be completely honest, when looking for knitting patterns I usually stick to independent designers on Ravelry so when Angelina sent me this book I was intrigued. I have to say this book is fantastic for a few reasons, so lets have a look:

#296 Round Neck Sweater


Firstly, this book retails at  14.40 euro and for that you get 136 patterns, that is just over 10 cent a pattern! On top of being fantastic value for money there is really a pattern in here for everyone going from sweaters to throws, cushions, garments for the little ones and covers both knitting and crochet.

#309 Sweater with Fair Isle Yoke

#309 Sweater with Fair Isle Yoke


This book is incredibly detailed with step by step guides for each of the techniques encountered in the book. I have even added to my knitting tool belt with some colourwork, sewing and embroidery tips. Berede de France even have a dedicated customer query email which you get with your book, so that if your stuck in the middle of your work you can contact them within office hours and they have a YouTube channel here.

#376 'Geometrical' 50 cm x 50 cm cushion

#376 ‘Geometrical’ 50 cm x 50 cm cushion


I know that to most of you this is what will make or break this book for you. All of the patterns are broken down by skill level and it really has something for everyone whether your a returning knitter or just picking the needles up for the first time. The lace patterns are charted only which may put you off but everything is very clear.  There is a gret breakdown of patterns for men, women, children and for the home so if you wake up one day and decided to make some cushions and a matching throw you can! The images in this post are just a taste of what lies waiting for you and you can search the catalogue here

#270 Short-sleeve sweater

#270 Short-sleeve sweater

Overall I really love this book and I think it’s a great one to have on your shelf even just to use as a reference. If your worried about getting your hands on the yarn, Angelina and the team at Laughing Hens would be more than happy to help and they ship too!

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