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OK so I wanted this post to be about my wonderous knitted cape but I’m still waiting on my buttons and closures (thank you An Post and hopefully you will find my packages soon) so today I’m going to share with you a little DIY that started all because of Pinterest and a move from Skerries to Bettystown.

Do you know that Kerrygold advertisment? The one where the couple are having their first child and moving to Germany but the child’s feet will touch Irish soil first? If you don’t just press play below.  Yip this DIY is a little like that.


I was looking on Pinterest (avoiding house duties) and I found this wonderful pin:

Sure enough, I said “oh that sounds like fun”. I showed it to my DH and he said “Well the only way your doing that, is if it’s Skerries sand. Her feet should touch that first” I rolled my eyes, said fine and I enlisted the help of Lil T’s very adorable cousins to fill a bucket of sand from Skerries South Beach and we went off hunting for some nice shells to put in the frame too.

I was thinking, this really cannot be that hard. I get some sand, some molding plaster, a deep frame and well, I already have the adorable baby feet. Yip I had that great craft feeling where you just know everything is going to come together and your going to have a gorgeous keepsake.

So 3 weeks into the sand sitting in our new home, I wet the sand and lay it out in the frame like this wonderful website says. (Now we don’t live in the U.S. And this is why I thought “oh we can make our own, sounds simple enough”). I lovingly grab my little girls feet and push down in the wet sand and apply the previously mixed plaster. I leave it to dry. I came back a few days later and brushed off the sand carefully with more than a little help from T and her flailing arms and yip forget completely about the grips at the back of the frame that will need to close over.  Right now we have this and as long as you don’t want to hang it on your wall or display it in anyway safely, it’s perfect:


Yes I brushed off too much sand on her toes but some glue and yet more sand should fix that and well we can always give this a go again this weekend. T loves squishing her feet in wet sand anyway. I will leave you with this adorable picture of baby feet. ( I was going for something artistic but T just wanted to move those babies and play with her toes)



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