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I’m sorry if you are going to miss us this Friday while we are on a break. In all honesty, I just havn’t had a voice to finish the podcast recordings because of this cold. I thought I would put together this post for you with some recommended podcasts to help get you through to next Friday. You can of course catch up on all our previous podcasts here but for those of you all caught up, here is my list:





Gardening Podcasts are fascinating to me and I like to listen in the morning as they can inspire me to get out into the garden and make use of the short amount of light available this time of year. Here are my current favourites:

The Sod Show with Caitlin McLaughlin is their latest show but any of their podcasts are amazing so go on and have a listen.

The RHS Garden Podcast by the RHS Seasonal advice, inspiration and practical solutions are all found here and a perfect one to have bookmarked.

Gardener’s Corner with Cherrie McIlwaine. This is a 25 minute podcast with beautiful descriptions told with a beautiful accent.

A Way to Garden with Margaret Roach. I found this podcast through a Guardian Article and I’m so glad I did. Margaret is an American garden writer and the show is produced by NPR. A match made in heaven if you ask me.


I’m sure none of these need an introduction to you but the latest episode is just a click away:

Knitting Pretty Podcast by EmmaKnits

Knitbritish by Louise Scollay

A Playful Day by Kate O’Sullivan

Caithness Craft by Louise Hunt

Shinybees by Jo Milmine


These podcasts are ones that I love and are a little outside the realms of Knitting and Gardening.

Loreย by Aaron Mahkne. This podcast is about true life scary stories and probably best listened to with the lights on.

Welcome to NightValeย Turn on your radio and hide, this one is recorded in a community update style. Definitely not one to be missed.

Stories from the Border of Sleepย by Seymour Jacklin. If you want to go on an imaginative, thought provoking journey, this is for you.


There you have it, I hope you enjoy all of the above and I will work on getting my voice back to record.

Until next week,





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