Grow | September in the GIY Beds


September isΒ  a funny old month and I’m never quite sure what to do. This year with the raised beds in the warmest position by the cottage walls, I’m going to try and extend the food growing season. Why don’t you guys try one or some of these with me and see if you can add some homegrown food to your diet. Just start off small, maybe a window box as it is just enough at this time of year and if like me you want to get your toddlers involved try some microgreens. Start to finish, these guys can be quick enough to keep your toddler interested.

The following is a list of what I plan to grow, I have placed all my orders today along with my Christmas potatoes (yes I have left it late) but you know what they say about best laid plans……

Rocket-I have some wild rocket seeds going into the outdoor beds but you can pop these in a window box this weekend and when the temperature drops you can just bring them inside. I will be covering my beds with plastic cloches and hay. This won’t keep me going through the whole winter but it will extend the season for me just a little bit.

Oriental Mixed Salad – I will be placing these guys into seed beds and covering with a tunnel but I will also be sewing these into window boxes for moving indoors throughout the winter period.

Radish, '18 Day'Radish- We are using the ’18 Day’ radish which gives you beautiful pink/red bulbs with a white top. These guys are great and my toddler loves them. I’m lucky to get them washed before she pops them in her mouth!

GarlicEarly purple wight seed garlic bulbs -Yes it’s garlic season and for some of you it may feel like you just harvested your bulbs but its time to think about planting again. It’s about now we sit down and decide on what is going to go into the square foot beds and place orders. A good rule of thumb is to plant before the shortest day of the year and harvest before the longest. I’m going to try the Early Purple Wight from QuickCrop as this can be lifted early May/June and free up space in my limited planting beds.

Tokyo cross oriental turnips


Turnip –This is my ‘something new’ and it’s the Tokyo Cross from Quick Crop. This picture pretty much made me order these seeds so lets see how a newbie like me can mess it up, shall we?


Chard 'Rainbow Chard'


Swiss Chard – Rainbow Bright Lights again from GIY and I love these beautiful stems standing tall and shining cheery colour in my beds at a time when colour can be hard to come by. Between my toddler and the bunnies, I won’t get to eat any of these I bet.



Altogether, these will cost you between 10 – 15 euro depending on where you purchase but you will have food through out the season that you grew yourself! It really isn’t that hard and if we can do it I’m sure you can too.

During September and October we will be keeping you up to date with our Pumpkin Watch. We have a family pumpkin growing competition but please join us on Twitter or Facebook or Instagram using the #PumpkinWatch tag, we would love to see how all of you are kicking our asses πŸ™‚ What are you growing this Autumn/Winter season? Please drop me a note in the comments and help me add some new veg to my beds!

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