Journaling Prompts & Guides

If you’re unsure how to start a journal or if you want to re-invigorate your practice, these workbooks and guides are just for you!


 How it Works

A peek into the process…



Browse from the workbooks below and choose the theme for your next 30 days of journaling.  



Purchase your guide and use the download link provided. Choose whether to save or print your workbook. 



Choose to add to Good Notes as a digital journal or save to your pdf reader/ Kindle to use as a prompt with your favourite notebook.



Follow the prompts and reflections for the next 30 days to form a journaling/writing habit and enjoy your journey of self-discovery.  

Grab a notebook and a pen and set some time aside to focus on what matters to you.


Find your answers here:

Do I have to start at the begining of a month?

No. You can start whenever you want to. You are in complete control of when you start, pause and complete this course. I’m here to help you to show up and cheer you on as you work through your questions.

Do I have to complete the project in 30 consecutive days?

No. You can take your time and breaks when you need them. Some of the questions require more thought than others and you may want time to process what they mean for you.

Do I need any specific supplies?

Nope. Any journal and pen you like. Some even use the notes app on their phone as an audio journal. You can see what I use personally over here.

How do I access the content?

Your workbook/guide will be available as a download link on purchase. If you have any problems accessing your download, please contact me. 

Will you help me process my answers?

No. I’m not a qualified therapist.