This year has been my first year planting tulip bulbs at the cottage. This post highlights the 6 that stole my heart. I did use the Huawei P20 for this post, as the camera, and I’m not really loving the images that it is taking. I think I’ll stick to my old camera in future. This is quite a short post from me this week but I hope you enjoy the blooms.


Apricot Beauty

These tulips were the earliest to come up. They are a strong, long lasting tulip with a beautiful apricot fragrance. I’m surprised they lasted for over a month at our front door but they just kept giving. I will be ordering more of these for next year as both the petals, scent and longevity are hard to beat. I’m always a little apprehensive when using the word longevity with tulips because you are at the mercy of spring weather and here in Ireland that could be 20-degree heat or snow calf deep and then like this weekend the wind can be so strong it strips your garden overnight.


Queen of the NIght

These tulips are striking and I have a soft spot for dark purple to black flowers. Can we just take a second and have a look at the centre of the tulip?

These tulips are tall (60cm) with strong stems. The only downside is the lack of scent.  I planted these both in the ground and under one of the patio apple trees and they provide a wonderful contrast against the pale apple blossoms which always appear to be early in my garden.

Purple Negrita

These are planted along the greenhouse amid the lavender. I know that you can see the horrible hebe at the back here but we haven’t quite decided what to do with this bed yet. These have quite a small flower but they do look great with the lavender so I see these in a bed with the Queen of the Night tulips next year with Rosemary and lavender.



Yes, this is an indoor shot because I only had 6 of these tulips in my garden and they came from a mixed bag of bulbs that a garden centre was selling as part of their “bee” garden. They look like a taller version of the ‘Giuseppe Verdi’  dwarf tulip but there is a lot more red in the petals and they reach about 50 cm tall. The funny thing is that these tulips match our stain glass window of the cottage door so I will be on the hunt for these this year for a spring arrangement for 2020.

Surprise 2

This yellow tulip was also part of the mixed bag bee garden from the garden centre and they came with no labels.  These ended up next to the peonies and show just how a strong colour can make a difference amid a shrub based bed. These came into bloom as the leaves opened and I planted them scattered throughout the bed with no real plan but it’s worked out perfectly. Every time I look out a bedroom window I see little happy tulips swaying in the wind.

Triumph Tulip – Happy Generation

This is a tulip that is stunningly beautiful. The unique striping of red on white and the hint of silver on the tulip leaves are hard to ignore. I have these planted under the other container apple tree and they are stunning amid the low lying apple blooms. I’m really glad I did this.


Like any gardener spring is busy with sowing seeds, keeping on top of weeds and for me, it’s very hard to stay on top of it all this year. I’m quite sad at the moment because of all the years we have lived here this is the first that I haven’t been able to enjoy our garden. Something that needs to be fixed for next year.

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