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Last week the weather picked up and I used the opportunity to try and bring some new life into our garden. There was some bed reshaping, painting and plant moving going on but today I wanted to share these pretty planters.

I was looking for some cheap planters because I’ve never had a coastal garden before and I didn’t know how they would hold up against the wind. When I was in Tesco I came across these flexi tubs and my mind instant went into overdrive. 

Next came a trip to my favourite ribbon shop Rubanesque in Powerscourt and I bought some burlap ribbon and some grey pearl ribbon that matches my house. Next came some fun with a glue gun and I made 2 different types of bow for the front of the planters. My DH drilled some holes in the tubs and prepped them with gravel and soil. I used a hot glue gun to attach the thicker burlap ribbon to the tubs and after 5 miniatures of drying time I glued on the bows too. I then added some cute little pine cones from the garden and ta-dah we have some planters:

                             wpid-img_20150324_102151.jpg wpid-img_20150324_102136.jpg

These have now been planted up with some Alpine strawberries to go with the Cordylines that where already in the garden. The Cordyline is from the Asparagus family as far as I’m aware so these should be perfect planter mates.

To finish the front door I found a table mat in Tesco (yip I did well that day) and I had some left over Winter Heather after moving it to it’s new home during the bed re-shaping. 5 minutes later with a glue gun and a sponge insert and our door is looking cottage pretty.

wpid-img_20150324_102116.jpgand a nice little close up:


I think I can add these to my Year of Making so I don’t feel so bad. My knitting was put on hold for the last week so this week I’m playing catch up. I really want to get some nice photographs of outside but Lil’ T makes that almost impossible. I did get to spend yesterday cleaning up those old terracotta tiles though and I’m hoping to get the side wall painted sometime this week (my inside voice is laughing as I type now) but good old Irish weather is probably not going to allow that.


I promise to add a proper plant post but this week I’m focusing on getting my lilies down, spraying some roses, feeding and edging the lawn and prepping the seeds for flowers and some veggies. Oh and my garlic is doing amazing in the back garden so I guess I was wrong the patch I thought nothing would grow in. When the night comes in I will be knitting away while T hopefully sleeps! Any of you start on garden prep this year?

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