Craft | How to Survive the Knitting & Stitching Show

Can you believe it! The K & S show is finally here. Only 1 more sleep! Are you ready? Did you buy prepaid tickets? You can hear the excitement in the air. Here is my guide to surviving the show and finding your way through the maze of exhibitors

K&S Show RDS Dublin OCtober 20-23


First things first, if you can buy your tickets online even if that is 30 minutes before you leave to go to the show. Believe me you will thank me. There is always a large queue and the prepaid entrance is always shorter.

Pack Light, Pack Smart

There has been a huge upsurge in the number of people using those trolleys with wheels at the show. This usually ends up with people getting knocked over (yip, usually me) or many a shiny bruise on your shin (yip me again). So watch your step, a gap in the crowd usually means trolley.  You can pick up small folded canvas bags that open right out. They fit right in your handbag and fit about 3 or 4 garments worth of yarn. Backpacks also work too. Pack a shopping list of what your looking for be it fabric, yarn, beads, trimmings etc. Hold on to this with dear life.

Pre-Plan Exhibitor List

You can pre-plan the areas that you wan to visit, there is a full exhibitor list here. You can print it or just write down all the areas you don’t want to miss. Remember the exhibitors want to meet you and want to have a chat if it’s not manically busy. Half the fun of the show is meeting new people and learning a few things along the way. So if there is someone that you have been following online, or a shop that you have never gotten to meet the owner, now is your chance!

Pre- Plan Talks / Workshops

There are a number of workshops and classes that always fill up before the show but you can find talks and things that are still open and have places. You can see a full guide to this years offerings here. This helps you figure out what time you need to get there and how much time to allow yourself in all the different areas. Remember that there usually is some free space around the textile exhibits and they are always excellent. I always use this place as my calm in the storm.

Pack a small wip and water

Always bring water! Always. It’s hot and full of people and I can never put my hand on some when I need it. This year there is a knitworking area with the lovely Diane from The DKC.  You can take a breather and meet other knitters and work on your small wip. It’s open from 2:30 everyday at the show. The perfect place to share your excited finds or find out about some hidden gems you may have missed.


The one thing that people forget is that if you do have a lot of purchases, you can run out to your car, stash them and run back in hands free! Your ticket is for the whole day.  If you don’t come with a car, come with a plan and pick up your bigger purchases towards the end.

Visit this years Knitted Feast

Every year there is always something special and this year is the Knitted Feast. If you want to take part in the competition you can still download a form here. There are prize vouchers up for grabs and you can see everything from a knitted chicken to cheese board.


That’s it folks, that’s my quick guide to surviving the show. I hope to get there on Sunday without the kiddos and meet some of you lovely crafters. I won’t be recording this year, I haven’t planned enough in advance for that. Don’t worry there will be lots of RTE specials on the show and many a blogger will also be posting. don’t forget some of you local shops who aren’t at the show will be hosting some yarn specials so do check your LYS for some hidden gems too.

Don’t forget there some Dublin Dye up for grabs, just leave a comment on Episode 2 of the podcast. I’ll be hanging around on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook as @cottagenotebook if you want to say hi or just leave a comment on the blog and I’ll get right back to you. Until Friday folks!


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