Love | The Little Fluffballs

Yip that’s what people who don’t have bunnies call them. Fluffballs, adorable, soooo cute and many other terms which lead you to think that your life would be richer with being a bunny owner too. So let me just stop you right there. I love my bunnies and I know I have not had as many bunny posts as I normally do, these two black little (yeah like Berry is little) bunnies mean the world to us. Just keep this in mind as you read my rant post.

Flopped bunnies

Yes your lives would be richer for being a responsible bunny owner. The kind who realises that a hutch is not enough. Bunnies need attention and to be part of the family. They need time where they are out of their cage so they can binky and explore in a safe environment.  If you can give them this please do adopt a bunny, two if you can but heed my words….Be PREPARED! (Right now in my head is that song from The Lion King if you don’t know it hit play on the video below)


If you have known me since we got Berry about 5 years ago, you will know that over these 5 years she has managed to chew and destroy endless cables, power leads, adapters, clothes and carpets all in a quick ninja like serene state. There was even that one time where she threw the biggest bunny tantrum, pulled out all the dvds from the rack that she could reach, throwing them over her shoulder with her ears hitting her on her nose before hopping off behind the tv unit (I still have yet to figure out how on earth she fitted through the opening) to chew only those cables belonging to my husband. Knowing this, you would come to think that we had seen it all. We would be able to predict what she would get into in any given room and what she would be drawn too.

Roll on last Sunday night. Lil’ T was in bed early (yup sometimes that happens). I threw my big puppy dog eyes up at my DH and said “I’m going to let the buns out for their run”. He groans his usual “Do we have too?” I ignore him and let them out. Now, I did everything right. I checked the room for any cables. I made sure nothing was in range. I opened their giant pen and let Berry hop on out for some pets. Ninja did his usual hanging back routine until the raisin packet was rattled and then he came over for some reluctant strokes and then hopped off to hide under the chair.  Berry sniffed around, dive bombed the couch for ear strokes from DH. She bounced down for me to play with. She went to sniff the stove a few times and then flopped out on the rug. DH had made tea and we sat and drank it (this time without the Rich Tea biscuits as we didn’t want to wear our tea or be attacked by bunnies) Time came for bed and I herded Berry back to her cage as Ninja was already in there. DH turns around and says ” See it’s times like this that you just adore the little buns” I turn back and say “Ah, we always love the little ones” and I shoo him off to bed too.


I turn back around to pick up the cups to realise that Ninja had been so peacefully quiet because he was trying to chew his way silently into the base of the chair! Yip he is the good one. I say they tagged teamed it. Berry distracted us so that Ninja could dig ‘Great Escape’ style to his hearts content. Yes it is a new chair, no we haven’t been in our house all that long and no my DH doesn’t know (until he reads this blog). I thought hmmmm well it’s only the chair, no one is going to see and soon enough T is going to be old enough that I can get away with blaming some of these things on her anyway. (Yes I am a fantastic mum).

I move the chair to find out that Ninja, that cute fluffy bundle had obviously liked the look of the skirting boards too. Luckily DH had foreseen this and not painted them. Now I’m on my knees yet again trying to clean up a bunny mess before my husband comes home and rules out any more pets 🙂 Honey if for some reason you do read this, just remember the road to a happy marriage starts with a happy wife but yes I realise it sometimes can end in divorce.

So if you do get a bunny (which I think everyone should) have a bunny room. One where destruction is OK. Destruction is going to happen, it’s just a matter of when……


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