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Countless knitters have fallen in love with this jumper and as soon as you start browsing the finished garments you’re hooked. If you want to browse those finished garments on Ravelry you can do that here.

Love Note Sweater – Cottage Notebook

I’m a huge fan of Tin Can Knits patterns for my kids and I have only made one adult pattern which was Snowflake. When I get to knit one of these patterns I always have to re-measure myself /the kids and highlight each section as I knit as I don’t really fit into any of the sizes but that’s the best part of making a garment that is unique to you!

Love Note Sweater | Cottage Notebook

The Yarn

Love Note is written for two yarns held together, a mohair and a sock yarn. I chose neither. I chose Malabrigo Finito (sport weight) and Fyberspates Cumulus whish is a fluffy alpaca which is a great substitute for mohair.

I’ve worked with this combination in the past so I knew that it wouldn’t drop as much and that it will spring back with wear. You do need to be careful with this yarn combination, no climbing trees or digging in the garden but what you are rewarded with is a luxurious garment that is comfortable and elegant to wear.

Love Note Sweater | Cottage Notebook

Love Note

This really is a joy to knit and it jumps right off the needles. The This is Knit KAL is the only reason that I am back knitting properly and I really am enjoying being around yarn again. For blocking, I do recommend being careful as the lace section can really drop around the chest area so a gentle blocking or steam block would be my preference.

You usually see this garment paired with dresses and skirts but I don’t often get to wear them so I wanted to take a photo while I was wearing this in Carlingford as we walked the harbour so you could see it teamed up with jeans and a vest.

Tin Can Knits has wonderful tutorials for this pattern as well as advice on pairing yarns. You can find links to all at the bottom of their Ravelry pattern page. This is a great choice for new garment knitters, people who want to try a little lace or want to try a top-down knit for the first time.

If you want to read more on my handmade wardrobe series you can do that over here. I really hope that you found this post useful. I’ll be back with another Six on Saturday post and if you want to hear more from me then please pop over to any of my social hangouts (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram) you’ll find me as @cottagenotebook or use the social links to the right (desktop) below (mobile/tablet)


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