If you’re an Instagram Veteran like me, you might still grieve the Instagram of old. Those simpler days of pretty squares. Before Reels, before video and Live TV, Instagram was a haven for professional and budding photographers alike.

I’m fairly sure that I only learned how to use a camera properly because of Me & Orla and some inspiring visual storytelling.

Nowadays, for a lot of us, Instagram is very loud.

But then this wonderful thing happened just when I was about to close my account.

I started having discussions in my DM’s about planners and books.

Wonderful. Glorious. Books.

All with journal loves and book dragons* like myself.

*(An accurate term for avaricious readers. Defenders of the written word. Builders of knowledge fortresses.Utterly dignified, poised and urbane.)

This stopped me from deleting my IG account and I am so happy that I didn’t.

Because, dear reader, I found Minimalist Mondays and the wondrous bounty hidden within Instagram.

Minimalist Mondays

It’s time to fall in love with Monday all over again. I encourage you to explore the #MinimalistMonday tag and join in. Here you’ll find beautiful images of books.

No captions. Just books.

Counterintuitive to the current push for reels, caption SEO etc. Here is a community that is celebrating what they love. Books.

And what else needs little to no explanation? You have either read it or you haven’t and you’re inspired to add another book to the ‘to-be-read’ pile.

Here you can just celebrate a book without needing a review or a caption.

Oh, and there are images styled like the Instagram days of old and filled with pure joy from the account holder.

Now, if I’ve convinced you enough to pop over to Instagram and join in, don’t forget to give me a follow too!