Top 5 Things to do in your Garden in November

Winter has certainly made an appearance and around here, the chilly mornings have led to a little more care in wrapping up the garden beds. I usually slow down everything in November as the daylight hours are really short and the frost really starts to make an appearance. We don’t have a tunnel we just use cloches and fleece to extend our season so with an abrupt weather change, this usually comes to an end.

Autumnal Glory

Autumnal Glory

1 – Lawn Care

Surprisingly this is one of the jobs that just keeps going as long as there is a bright dry day and the ground isn’t sodden. We usually cut the grass and trim the edges when it’s needed. We also try to treat all of the moss patches as it builds up over winter.

2 – Roses

I like to plant my bare root roses now to get them established over winter as long as the soil isn’t very wet. I move any tender patio roses to sheltered locations or into an unheated conservatory. I tie in all the climbing roses and tidy up their area.

3 – Bedding Plants

I usually have moved any bedding plants I want to protet from frost by now but there are a few geraniums hanging about that need protection. I’m also planning my bulb garden for spring with lots of snowdrops, tulips and daffodils. I’m also on the lookout for some special bulbs for the alpine beds. I’m leaving this a little late and in reality I only have this week to get them in the ground really. Tulips hate a late planting.

4 – Veg Plot

My raised beds are doing quite well at the moment. My mini swiss chard, carrots, radish, onions, turnip, lettuces and kale are all looking well. The last batch of carrots are coming out today and I will be turning the bed over. I cover all with cloches and fleece and I just check water levels every few days. A big surprise this year is our late batch of winter peas. Although I had to hand germinate these, there are some pods forming and I’m excited to see what happens.

I also use this section on my garden list for DIY. Painting the sheds on a good dry, warmish day and adding any sealants to wooden features for winter protection.

5 – Greenhouse / Houseplants

I like to clean out my conservatory (my greenhouse lol) and check my houseplants around now. My orchids are doing well with new leaves forming and I have cleaned out any containers to make them ready for spring sowing.

That’s it. November is a time to slow down and pick up my garden journal and reflect on the year. I make plans in December for the varieties I’d like to have next season. I like plan crop rotation beds too but it’s usually in December in front of a stove with coca.

How is your Winter Window Challenge going? Are you managing any growth indoors? Is your must do job missing from the list? Let me know in the comments.In case you missed it the lovely Fiona from Fiona Grows Food very kindly filled out a spotlight feature for us on Friday and you can check out her answers here.

I also have a little confession to make, the bunnies have eaten through all my veg that I was overwintering. Remember this post and that really nice picture of my caulifower and salad seedlings? Yip, they all got nibbled by the fluff monsters. The Toddler knows how to open the cage now, oh the joy!

See you on Wednesday for a Craft update!


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