The week 1 writing challenge has been a rollercoaster of emotion. The pieces that have been popping up in the community thread have been making me smile all week. I wanted to share some of those pieces with you so that you can meet some of the wonderful writers taking part in the challenge. Please click through and have a read. Links to the author’s site are at the bottom of each entry.

I just want to thank everyone for allowing me to share these with all of my blog readers.


A Poem by Emma Heasman-Hunt

Early in the morning, the howling wind woke me from deep sleep.

Loudly the wind screamed around the corner of the house, whistling down the chimney, battering at the door……..


Nature Part 1 by Mandy Kinne

The air has been so cold and dry the last few days, the snow squeaks underfoot. It’s a familiar sound to me – I grew up in the mountains of Vermont. My brother and I spent an hour playing in the snow, building sledding tracks, sledding, and building forts in the snow banks. We went out in all kinds of weather, not like it is here in Virginia. The only thing that would keep us inside is a frostbite warning (-19 degrees and below), so there were plenty of times we went out into snow that squeaked as we walked through it…….


Nature by Ciara McGivern Lewis

She has been coming to the woods since she was a young girl. They are much taller than she remembered both familiar and strange simultaneously and her childhood flashes in her mind. She sees a tiny girl in rubber boots, chasing dragons and fairies. Excited shouts echo across her memory until she can nearly see herself, carefree and full of adventure, curls bouncing, her open jacket trailing behind her like a cape. She smiles as she remembers suddenly the family dog, her faithful sidekick barking excitedly as a ferocious little girl aims a stick at her and shouts a spell………



Overboard by Nick Goodrich

Suddenly it went quiet and very very cold. I struggled to the surface and tried to breathe but the shock of hitting the freezing water stopped me from taking a breath. Time seemed to slow down as I fought to keep my head above water and I remember thinking about my parents and how they wouldn’t have a grave to visit. It seemed like an eternity but in reality, it must have been just a few seconds before I saw something bright orange out the corner of my eye. I grabbed for it and realised it…..



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There have been some beautiful captions shared over on Instagram too. You can share your piece using the #cnwritingchallenge or use the tag to explore what other writers are doing with their wordcount.



It’s not too late for you to take part in the challenge you can find out more about it here and you can take part in the community here.

I’ll be back with some more craft and knitting related posts later this week.




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