Grow | Winter Window Challenge Update

Hello again, it’s Monday and that winter chill is really starting to pack a punch. I thought a short blog post on how things are growing here in the garden, might brighten up this gloomy day.


Indoor Winter Lettuce

The winter lettuces are really having a spurt at the moment. I have moved them inside and will probably be used as baby lettuces. ย You can see their true leaves and one or to rouge cauliflowers have managed to sprout in the wrong place.


Outdoor Raddish

The radish above like all the outdoor raised beds at the moment are tucked away at night in fleece. This is how the baby veg are protected here. It won’t protect them against the harsh winter but it will extend our season a little.


Outdoor Chard

Something is eating my chard, It has had a few little nibbles. I will find out what it is. It’s unusual for me to find nibbles on plants that are protected but I think this guy must have ended up trapped in here.


Peas and winter lettuce under the tunnel

Ah, our back bed tunnel. The lettuce did not like being moved here. I planted mostly garlic in the back grids. These are early varieties and will be harvested before the summer veg goes in to take the grids. Those are winter peas that you can see towards the back and yip, those are flowers on them dagnammit! These are also tucked up and suffer from the problem of fluctuating temperatures. I’m not to sure what I am going to do with this back bed for winter. Right now I will let it go as long as the plants are happy. So I guess, sometime in November I may just cover it over.


Pumpkin Jack

Drumroll please – finally here is our Pumpkin Jack. Little T (the toddler) stood on the vine so he won’t get any bigger or mature I don’t think. But we can still carve him! There will be a family pumpkin carving night this week and I will share some pictures on Instagram and Twitter.ย This means that Little T grew the biggest pumpkin this year (I call sabotage) with last weeks pumpkin being the biggest and heaviest from our garden. ย If you want to find out the varieties and specifics of what we have here you can see the September blog post here or scroll under the Grow tab for all our GIY adventures.

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