Grow | Winter Window Challenge

It’s Friday and hopefully by now the posts here may have inspired you to get started this weekend but looking out your window,  you feel Autumn everywhere and you have no idea where to start.  Well pull up a chair and let me tell you about the Winter Window Challenge 2016!


Never grown anything before?  Don’t even know your way around seed packets and compost?  Why not join us this winter and grab a container,  it doesn’t even need to be a window box and in fact the more creative the better!  Fill it with some soil and sow some microgreens or salad along with us on your window to add some GIY flair this Autumn/Winter period.  We will be grabbing the toddler and sewing some oriental mix lettuce for this challenge.  Just sew your seeds in a container and pop on your window and take them inside before first frost.  Don’t worry we will keep you updated as the weather changes!

I like the idea but veg really isn’t for me?  What??  Gasp!!  Well that’s ok too,  why not add some winter colour to your window instead!  You can try some lovely cyclamens, pansies, winter cabbages or primroses or whatever grabs your eye.  Ours are all waking up and you can grab some plants from your local garden center for just a few euro.

Wondering where to grab your seeds?  Want to shop local like Mr. Middleton but can’t get there?  You can grab some from GIY International and The Garden Shop and they all have quick post turnarounds.  We also use Johnstown Garden Center because they are just lovely.

We will be posting our adventures on Instagram and Twitter using the hashtag #WW16.  For the crafty folk among us,  we have a Ravelry group for sharing our growing projects,  garden and craft alike.  So come on in and join the fun and show us your growin’ !!

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