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Happy Wednesday to you all! How has your craft week been? I have seen many beautiful pictures over on Instagram of the Knitting and Stitching show and I can tell that a lot of you went a little crazy over the Irish hand dyed yarns. Feel free to post pictures of your skeins below in the comments. I take my inspiration where ever I can grab it.


Action shot of myself in This is Knit but your looking at the fabulous yarns aren’t you?

I’ll be honest, I’ve been a little down this week but a visit from the wonderful Mina Loves Designs picked me right up. She sneakily got an action shot of myself in This is Knit! To see some other beautiful yarn shots you can check out her Instagram account. Fair warning, it’s beautiful and it will have you lusting over Hedgehog Fibers and other hand dyed yarns. There are also some exciting adventures happening for Mina and you will have to head on over to Instagram or her blog and keep an eye out. I’m holding my breath let me tell you, I’m so excited to find out.

My WIP’s are in overdrive since my wrist is letting me knit again. I have been bouncing between Dacite above and a new project. Dacite has gotten very, very heavy now and I knit until my wrist gives out and then I swap over to something lighter, either a gift knit or something for the girls.

Rios vest attempt with no pattern. Sabiduria is the colourway in case your wondering and yes it needs blocking.

My other wip at the moment is more of a challenge knit. I found a picture over on Knittimo’s Ravelry page of a vest she knit and I wanted one too! So I bought 2 skeins of Rios in Sabiduria and started playing. Between the chart for 198 yards of Heaven and Knittimo’s photos it’s been a fun knit with a bit of head scratching. Before you ask, no I won’t be posting a pattern because it’s not my place to. The idea of the vest was not my own and I did not come up with the lace chart therefore it is not mine  to share. Apologies. It is in need of blocking and a cowl neck and I may have this finished to go pumpkin hunting this weekend!

And that has been my craft week. I have been working away on something interesting for the podcast and I will keep you posted.  It has involved lots of high pitched laughter (nope not nice to listen to) and lots of grumbling and scolding from my husband. If you have some free time, I’ve been asking listeners of the podcast to post a review on iTunes and let me know what you think. This way I can make it tailored for you and it helps on my ranking. It’s win, win.

If you missed it, I popped over to the This is Knit blog for a KAL round up of what is on offer at the moment and they have a nice competition running at the moment on the blog. I also managed to write a guest post for the lovely Woolly Wormhead if your interested you can find out her trip to This is Knit.

You can find me over on tomorrow if you miss me (I know you do) and Twitter Facebook and Instagram as @CottageNotebook. Let me know how your getting on in the comments or link me to Ravelry.

See you soon for a podcast update!




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