nice to meet you

I’m Nadia

I’m 50% Coffee, 50% cake and a lover of soft pastels and neutral shades. Everything you see on the blog or social is inspired by life here at the cottage.

The Cottage Notebook is an Irish craft & lifestyle blog based on Ireland’s east coast. It started life in September 2016 as a journal documenting my adventures in craft (knitting, crochet, weaving, spinning) and gardening before developing into my exploration of creativity. It was my port in a storm and it can be yours too.

Embrace who you are, where you are. 

Over the years on social, you see so many people caught in a comparison trap. I believe the only way to really enjoy creating is to make it work for you. In your life. In the time you have. In the easiest way for you. 

If you’re not enjoying what your creating, it’s now yet another thing added to your to-do list.  Embrace what you love to do at a cadence that works for you and love how only you can do it. 


My favourite things

Your at-a-glance guide to where I stand on all the truly important things.

FAVOURITE COCKTAIL: Cosmo or an Old Fashioned

FAVOURITE GROUP: This changes daily but I bop around to everything from pop to orchestral music. 

FAVOURITE PET: The Cat or The Bunny, No the Cat…Which one chewed my belongings last? 

FAVOURITE FOOD:  Thai food. The crispier the better. 


FAVOURITE COFFEE: A Vanilla Hazelnut Latte, yum!

Where to next? 

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